Giving Back to our community

Leeann Chin has been very involved in giving back to the community for many years. As our primary source of philanthropy, we have partnered with several community-based food shelters and have donated meals to these local non-profit agencies in the local communities surrounding our 35-plus restaurants locations. To date, Leeann Chin, Inc. has proudly donated over three million meals to families in need and those less fortunate.

We are honored to receive many requests from a variety of worthy organizations throughout the year, and only wish that we could accommodate every request. However, due to the significant volume of requests that we receive, we are not able to fulfill all requests. If you are looking for a donation to support an event or special cause, please fill out the required information below.

Leeann Chin Dine to Donate Program
Looking to raise some money for your school or local non-profit organization? Schedule a fundraiser through our Leeann Chin Dine to Donate program and we'll donate back 20% of net sales your fundraiser generates! For more info, please send a message to and we will be happy to help!

***IMPORTANT -- In order for Leeann Chin, Inc. to consider your request, all requests must be made at least 30 days in advance of the event***

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